Hermes Decadence 2016

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This year, during the traditional preparations for the holidays, Harrods reveals what is contained in their festive baskets of 25,000 euros, called The Decadence...

As in all previous releases, this decadent convenience will arrive at your doorstep, carrying wine and spirits, coffee and teas, fresh food, canned desserts, sweets, gifts and party accessories.

This year, the Wine & Spirits section contains subtle wines, champagnes and spirits. Among the wines stand out in 2001 Château Canon Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classe ler and 1999, Château Palmer, Margaux, while Champagne Louis Roederer get 2006, Cristal Brut Millesime, Magnum. Fans will be delighted by bottle of spicy cognac Réviseur Ectra Origin edition with aromas of honey and butter.

In the part with teas and coffee, there is a collection of the finest teas and coffees from around the world. As best we highlight Golden Bars Gold - Tipped Black Darjeeling tea orange flavored, as well as the world's most expensive coffee - Ross Kopi Luwak Wild.

In the fresh food section, there are several tins of caviar - Beluga and Oscietre, a collection of cheeses, including sweet, Blu and Tete de Moine. Also, there is the famous Iberico ham, sausage Joselito and Iomo and smoked chicken breast.

As for canned food and candy in this basket you will find everything you need to fulfill your sugary needs and be full, even after the holidays. Of course, there is the most important decorative festive cake and chocolate Christmas tree, and then the endless list of puddings, biscuits, chocolates, jams and marmalades. Those who love cooking and spices, can look forward to olive oil, honey and all that kind of stuff.

If your festive fun begins with Harrods Decadence that will meet you at your doorstep, we believe that you will be in the mood to enjoy the parties and all other benefits of the holidays.


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