Hermes presents the most elegant dog bowl

Not all pet dishes need to be a thorn in the eye of our interior design…

Just a few days ago, brand presented a dog bowl, inspired by land and sea. This sophisticated item is made of oak wood, using the techniques used to make barrels. The two inner stainless steel bowls can be separated thanks to the central magnets, while they can also be removed from their wooden bases for easier maintenance. The bowl is designed so that it can hold a lot of food and liquid, so that your pets do not have to be hungry and thirsty waiting for you to return from work. Like most other Hermes products, the bowl is made in France and is one of the few that directly reflects the motif of the Chaine d'Ancre fashion house.

According to the French brand, Chaine d’Ancre embodies the Hermes spirit through a combination of its marine and equestrian inspirations. The motif - which is somewhat in the shape of an elongated figure eight - was first noticed by Robert Duman, son-in-law of Emilie Hermes, on vacation by the sea.

An even more intriguing aspect of the bowl is the process it goes through by harmonizing with the barrel-making techniques. Usually handmade barrels and kegs are made from wood selected based on the type of spirits that will be used for storage. After the species is selected, the wood is heated on an open fire, and then bent into a tube shape. The newly formed barrels are returned to the toasting fire, which crystallizes the natural sugars in the wood, and is then typically sanded twice before being put into use.

For the bowl, Hermes chose oak wood, which is often used to make wine; they also specially chose oak boards that have been growing for at least 90 years. Since the Hermes dog bowl is created with the help of special techniques, potential buyers can be convinced of the amount of effort that has been invested in it. The French fashion house sells numerous goods for pets, from collars to leashes and carrying bags, but the new dog bowl is really something special. Its price is $ 1,125.

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