We assume that you have bought a new coat, sweater, boots and other warm clothing for yourself...

But have you done the same for your dog? If you did not, we present Canine Royalty, a new brand of fashion clothing and accessories for dogs, who presented a new range of clothes for dogs, just in time for the cold season. This exclusive line of clothes for the canine is made of the finest materials and each piece is made in a small specimens. The aesthetics of the brand is at the same time modern and timeless. They accentuate the ultimate luxury with their Pure collection, which is seamlessly built in the United States and represents sweaters that are completely made of cashmere and that will delight all with its natural palette of earthy tones. Otherwise, cashmere used for these designs was obtained from Italy, from a small factory which is known for manufacturing the highest quality cashmere in the world.

From the necessary scarves to coats, Merino Collection got its inspiration from a comfortable fashion that can be represented only by wool. This premium collection of sweaters and jackets for dogs is made from the finest Merino wool and wool blends of cashmere, in order to achieve a luxurious and gentle feeling. "The main premise Canine Royalty brand design is simple and beautiful pieces of clothing for dogs that people want to wear," said Erin Walsch, founder and president of Canine Royalty companies. "We deliberately engage in work with fashion designers, producers and prominent members of the Italian textile industry which are producing for leading fashion brands. The goal was reaching aesthetic which is modern and luxurious, and the end result is clothing that is produced for those dogs which are cuddly and who want to enjoy. "

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