How To Dress Appropriately For A Horse Racing Event

There are few more popular events on the social calendar than a day at the horse racing. It is a perfect opportunity to bring together friends and family while enjoying the best equines compete on the track.

Most the popular racecourses across the world now adopt strict dress restrictions, meaning that it is always important to understand what you can and cannot wear to a day at the track. Below, you can find out more about how to dress appropriately for a day out if you are going to the tracks or betting on horse racing with

Check Your Enclosure

Before picking out clothes that you wish to wear for the racing, it is important to assess the guidelines for the enclosure where you will be located. If you have selected the cheapest ticket option, then there will likely be limited restrictions on what you can’t wear.

However, if you have opted for the most expensive ticket enclosure, or will be located in a hospitality area, then you will likely need to follow the dress code strictly to ensure that you are granted access to your desired location. But, for the most part, the majority of tracks around the world will likely want visitors to be dressed smartly, which means no sportswear or trainers.


Aside from the biggest tracks for the most significant racedays, gentleman will have a few issues when dressing for a day at horse racing. The majority of tracks will encourage smart dress, which means that visitors wearing a shirt and jeans or trousers will be granted entry. However, the biggest events on the calendar, such as the Kentucky Derby, Breeders’ Cup, and Royal Ascot will likely have more guidelines to follow.

For the latter, a hat must be worn if you’re attending one of the more expensive enclosures. Meanwhile, socks must be worn by all visitors, regardless of the enclosure where you will be located. For flat racing, the majority of visitors will wear a collared shirt with smart shoes and trousers.

Meanwhile, for jumps racing, the dress is slightly more adapted to the weather, with smart coats often worn. A popular style for the jumps season for all visitors to tweed.


One of the most challenging factors when it comes to ladies fashion is that the dress requirements are often a lot more stricter, regardless of whether you’re attending a big day at the jumps or flat. However, the smaller courses will not place many requirements on female visitors, meaning that they will be able to wear jeans or comfier clothes for the day out.

However, the biggest difference revolves around the major meetings of the year, as female visitors will need to follow stricter requirements in order to gain access to the track.

Those include ensuring that a dress is the desired length, while trainers are not accepted at the majority of racecourses around the world. Meanwhile, most tracks will allow female visitors to wear suits to the track, but the colour of both jacket and trousers must match. Furthermore, hats may be compulsory at certain events on the calendar.

Other Important Information

While fashion is a huge part of a day out at the horse racing, it is also important to ensure that you’re comfy. Being at the racing all day often means being on your feet for hours on end.

That means that you should ensure that you wear comfy shoes that you have no issues with. Meanwhile, most visitors also often take an umbrella, as this is an excellent way to prepare for any rain that may be forecast, as well as blocking visitors from the sun on bright days.

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