Jeff Koons creates a sculpture in memory of Paris victims

Džef Kuns kreira skulpturu u sećanje na pariske žrtve

American artist Jeff Koons, announced that he will pay tribute to Paris with his sculpture "Bouquet of Tulips", in memory of the terrorist attack that took place in November last year...

This monumental work, which has yet to be constructed, will be ten meters high and will be made of bronze, stainless steel and aluminum. The sculpture will be a huge hand holding a colorful bouquet of tulips, said this contemporary artist at the US Embassy in Paris. When completed next year, the sculpture will find itself in front of the Paris Museum of Modern Art.

Construction of the sculpture will cost about three million euros, and the project will be funded by private donors from the United States and France. Koons said that this sculpture is designed as a remembrance of the victims of terror and a symbol of optimism, with the aim of helping to overcome the tragedy that had befallen on 13 November last year.

Koons, who is known for playing with objects from popular culture, said that the hand holding tulips is aimed at imitating the Statue of Liberty holding a torch. Otherwise, in Paris there are several replicas of the Statue of Liberty, including one on the banks of the Seine.

"The fact that this great artist has decided to offer the city of Paris his monumental work of art is a symbol of generosity and sharing, and the relationship between our capital and the United States," said the mayor of Paris, Ana Hidalgo.

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