King of Bahrain and his robot guards

Every time we hear something about robots and artificial intelligence, we immediately think of movies like Terminator and RoboCop…

That's the effect these films have on our minds - they're both fascinating and scary. Boston Dynamic, the biggest name in the world of robotics, often presents footage of its creations, which are becoming more and more capable. However, we are aware that today's robots are still quite far from what robots can do in movies. It will probably be several decades before the world gets proficient, autonomous robots.

However, a video that recently gone viral on the Internet claims that Terminator-style robots have already been made, and that they are equally deadly. Twitter user Roshan Abeysinghe, with a verified account, shared a video with a description that reads: “The King of Bahrain arrives in Dubai with his bodyguard robot, which is equipped with panoramic cameras and built-in guns. Technology is evolving faster than ever before."

The massive robot is two and a half meters high, equipped with pistols and other hi-tech options, which was enough to arouse suspicion and fear in the whole world, even though the robot is described as a protector. This video is from last year and is part of the IDEX security exhibition, and we can see a massive robot following the King of Bahrain, as astonished passers-by try to take photos and recordings. Still, we wondered if this robo-guard was real? Of course not. One look at his walk will let you know that something is wrong with him.

The robot was named Titan and is the work of a British company, named Cyberstein Robots Ltd. And while he looks truly magnificent, a man is hidding inside his armor, who moves him. Titan has been around since 2000 and has frequently appeared at entertainment events around the world.

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