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Vintage Classics and Bentley motors are teaming up to offer a 60th anniversary edition of the James Bond’s first adventure, Casino Royale. Just 500 copies of the collector’s edition will be produced.

The cost – $1,200. It will be on sale starting November 1, exclusively from Random House. The Bentley was James Bond’s car of choice in the original Ian Fleming novels. The collector’s edition of Casino Royale comes in hand-bound leather casing and features hand-stitched embroidery and silver foil page edges. The book’s red, white and black coloring is a nod to the gambling theme of Fleming’s first novel, where Bond famously takes on his adversary, Le Chiffre, in a game of baccarat. The books also features a bespoke set of playing cards, hidden within a secret compartment.

Finally, there are beautiful brush illustrations by Damian Gascoigne throughout the novel.

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