Locals Enraged After Partying Tourists on Luxury Yacht Cause Massive Fire on Greek Island


Locals are enraged after tourists partying on their multi-million-dollar superyacht set off fireworks, causing a massive fire that burned down a pine forest on a Greek island.

Luxury yachts attract many wealthy people around the world due to their promise of absolute privacy—what happens on the yacht, stays on the yacht. These floating palaces are synonymous with exclusivity and elegance, where celebrations unfold behind a veil of secrecy. However, for a group of tourists who wanted a spectacular firework show while cruising and partying around the Greek island of Hydra, their merrymaking quickly turned into a fiery catastrophe.

According to media reports, on Friday, 17 tourists from Kazakhstan were enjoying the splendor of their yacht and wanted fireworks as part of their lavish party. That’s when the evening took an unexpected and dangerous turn. Sparks from their fireworks landed on the island’s only pine forest, setting it ablaze. Despite their frantic efforts, the crew and guests of the 180-foot yacht (likely a charter) could not control the raging fire. They notified the fire department and fled the scene, which was also witnessed by other boats in the area.

Greek authorities intervened, temporarily arresting 13 crew members and thoroughly searching the vessel. The mayor of Hydra, Giorgos Koukoudakis, was outraged and expressed his displeasure, pledging legal action against those responsible. He also addressed the bigger picture and called for corrective measures by creating more firebreaks and access roads in forests, highlighting Greece’s high vulnerability to wildfires.

The public’s response to the incident mirrored the mayor’s fury. According to SWR3, outraged netizens demanded severe punishment, with comments like “Lock them up!” and “Arson must be punished much more severely!” The situation with fires in Greece is so grave that authorities warn people against grilling outdoors or using tools for welding or grinding, while this yacht party did not shy away from firing rockets in a windy area. As the old saying goes, “Better safe than sorry,” this incident was a stark reminder of its truth.

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