Louis Vuitton iPhone cases available for purchase

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More photos

For the first time we saw these trendy cases inspired by Louis Vuitton suitcases in the brand fashion show for spring 2017. Although we did not know how it will be called, this chic cases many have called Petite Malle iPhone Case.

Now that the cases of the prestigious brand can finally go on sale, we learned their names - Louis Vuitton Trunk Eye-iPhone Case. They probably got this name due to such a large rear opening for the camera, or because of the many windows.

Eye-Trunk iPhone case is available for all models of iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus seventh case is available in three versions with the traditional LV monogram – Monogram, Monogram Reverse and Monogram Eclipse, and there is a luxury model in the combination of gold and crocodile skin.

We are sure that you’ll be able to buy versions of different materials and colors. For now, here are the options that you can select: Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk Monogram iPhone 7 Case at a price of $ 1.180, Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk Monogram Eclipse iPhone 7 Plus Case for $ 1,250 Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk Monogram iPhone 7 Plus Case - $ 1.250 as well as Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk Crocodile iPhone Case 7 which costs $ 5.050.

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