Montegrappa Presents a Pen for Champions

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Modern writing gets a bold new expression with the Montegrappa ZERO for SSC Napoli...

This exclusive new limited edition delivers sharp performance, merging championship class with modern materials and refinement, elevating Italy's leading contemporary writing tool to an entirely new level.

Exceptional attention to detail gives the Montegrappa ZERO for SSC Napoli a decisive edge. Developed through 111 years of pen manufacturing, this writing instrument model employs expert engineering to maximize balance and poise, with intense color and craftsmanship that effortlessly stands out wherever it is found. Available in fountain pen or rollerball formats, this new model is there to match your chosen style.

Limited to 300 pieces, this special edition of the famous Montegrappa ZERO model makes its presence felt. Crafted from bold blue resin and strong gold-coated steel, these exclusive editions for SSC Napoli bear the team's name and crest and the Scudetto for 2022-23 - preserving memories with first-class quality.

Each component is precisely crafted, including segments of Montegrappa art resin - a material that reduces the environmental impact of conventional acrylics. Its flowing textures reflect the hand-mixing process that makes each pen entirely unique. Montegrappa's reputation for luxurious metallurgy can be seen even in the smallest details, where sharp, reflective steel surpasses the work of the world's finest watchmakers. A distinctive design element is the 'stadium' crown containing the club crest beneath a strong sapphire crystal... sure to stir emotions with every use.

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