You already heard for Suommo – the most luxurious brand for babies.

Company’s €38,000 ($52,250) Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition now has appropriate companion – world’s most expensive baby bottle. Their most experienced jewelers sculpt this pink gold piece with white gold and diamonds. Its glamorous pink gloss gives it a tender, overpowering look which captures dads and moms’ hearts from the first second.

Inspired by by Russian dolls, whose five-size set is the expression of the most exquisite sensitivity, the bottle is available in five different sizes.

If you buy this luxury baby accessory, aptly named Doll Bottle, Suommo will engrave a personalized messages on it. And, now the price… It’s almost triple expensive than gold bassinet. Yes, Doll Bottle will cost you €100,000 ($135,300). But according to Suommo, it’s not just a baby bottle; it’s in fact, a jewel and a refined decoration piece. So, go ahead?

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