Burberry continues to delight its fans with a new personalization and customization option for its most popular products...

Thanks to this new service, you can now own a Burberry warm winter clothes and accessories with your own initials.

Starting this September, you will be able to order your own version of poncho and Heritage scarves from autumn / winter 2014 collection, with personal initials, by ordering it online from the company Burberry.

The process begins with cashmere poncho or scarf colored and spun into fabric on traditional looms in Scotland, in a family cooperative founded in 1797, and then it is adjusted, with three first letters of your choice at Blyth in Northumberland coast.

The latest pieces enhance the classic Christopher Bailey design of Burberry, and were originally designed for activities such as hunting, cycling and motoring, adding the spirit of the equestrian sport with its stitched edges. The colors of the collection belong to the autumn palette with geometric patterns, featuring leaf and thistle.

Luxury brand based in London has previously allowed users to add their personal mark on clothes, with their "Runway Made to Order" service, which allows fans of this brand to order clothes and bags with engraved names, with a special nameplate inside the layers of coats and bags.


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