When it comes to pets, they’re seen as part of the family. As their fundamental role of loving their humans is displayed throughout the day, they also need a place to rest and enjoy time to themselves.

This is where designers intervene and style pet furniture, making it modern, functional and eye-catching. With this in mind, Nendo has designed a highly contemporary dog accessory collection for Japanese lifestyle Pen Magazine. Named “Heads or Tails“, the three pieces shaping a geometrical collection for puppies is not only functional, but decorative as well.

Within this collection, the artificial leather bed, ceramic dish and silicone toy showcase modern aesthetics welcomed in our homes. Each piece has a double function: the bed turns from a cushion to a hut, the bowl is reversible, with a shallow dish for food on one side and a deeper dish for water on the other, and even the silicone rubber toy can be transformed from a “bone” to a ball.

Do you feel like you and your pet would benefit from these beautiful dog accessories?

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