Newest Rolls Royce accessory costs more than Tesla Model 3

The rich heritage of Rolls Royce, which is based on offering the highest level of luxury to its fans, goes much further than revered cars...

From time to time, the famous British brand creates bespoke collectible pieces that reflect the coefficient of luxury and quality of workmanship that we can see in their cars, proudly decorated with Spirit of Ecstasy. The magnificent Rolls Royce picnic table we saw a few years ago is a perfect example of our story, and now the famous brand has introduced a new chapter in its Connoisseur’s Collection line. Introducing the Rolls Royce Cellarette, an exclusively designed suitcase for whiskey and cigars, which contains many benefits.

"Rolls Royce Cellarette, the latest addition to the Rolls Royce Connoisseur's Collection line, offers our customers a new way to improve their lifestyle, outside of Rolls Royce cars. Historically, Cellarettes are used to store wine and expensive spirits, and in our version, can be configured so that they store aperitifs or digestives, depending on your personal preferences, together with cigars, in a superior way", explains Nicholas Abrams, in charge of the Bespoke section of this brand.

The exterior of the Cellarette is designed to fit perfectly into the luxury passenger cabin of a Rolls Royce sedan. It is created from polished aluminium, with details created from Rolls Royce Havana leather. At the top is a functional tray finished with Obsidian Ayous Open Pore veneer and Spirit of Ecstasy inlays. When you open the tray, you discover an interior that is wrapped in Armagnac leather and contains a number of luxury accessories. Cellarette comes with a set of hand-blown glasses, which are finished with an iconic RR monogram.

The glasses are accompanied by a leather bottle holder which is also decorated with the RR emblem and can be adapted to different dimensions. The bottle is held in place by a magnetic button made of polished aluminium. On the other side, there is a humidor in which a cigar stand made of Spanish cedar finds its place. The humidity inside the humidor can be adjusted manually and is monitored by a hygrometer, designed in the style of old Rolls Royce clocks.

There are also two smaller compartments with magnetic closure, one containing a delicately designed cigar cutter and a lighter signed by ST Dupont, and the other a beautiful ashtray. Like any Rolls Royce car, the Cellarette can be tailored to customer requirements, and its price starts at $ 55,000.

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