Noble goal or shameless advertising: why is one influencer selling his complete search history?

Rafael Neugart, Instagram influencer, known thanks to his YouTube channel RayFox, has recently proved that data is more important than consumers…

He did this by saying he was willing to sell his entire internet history through eBay. What followed was unexpected for many - a real frenzy among hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, who wanted to get an insight into his most intimate desires, fears and hopes.

As Neugart says, "I've been a successful YouTuber for eight years, and you can't imagine the nonsense I'm researching because of my content, nor the weird ads that I’m being shown because of it."

More than 11,000 interested people visited the eBay listing he set up, and in just a few days, he received 70 bids, with the highest being $ 130,000. eBay finally had to give up and stop the auction. The whole venture was actually the work of Neugart, Foundry and Startpage companies, which wanted to demonstrate how user privacy is compromised on a daily basis.

In fact, he had no plans to make money through his auction - the final bid was to come from Startpage. A few days after the end of the auction, Neugart published a video in which he explained his endeavor: "For a long time, I was not aware that there was an option to search the Internet, while maintaining anonymity. That's why I wanted to do this action. Using Startpage, I don't have that problem anymore. " The video has more than 60,000 views, which certainly brought him a hefty profit…

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