Only in Dubai: businessman dropped his $70,000 Rolex into the ocean during a yacht party


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Dubai police have just become heroes for an Emirati citizen as they retrieved his $70,000 Rolex from the waters near Palm Jumeirah.

A group of friends were celebrating Eid on a yacht against the stunning backdrop of Dubai. Their joy turned into chaos when the expensive Rolex slipped into the azure waters of Palm Jumeirah.

Without wasting any time, the group immediately contacted the Dubai police, who dispatched a rescue diving unit to search for the precious possession. After just 30 minutes of searching, the police divers combed the ocean floor and resurfaced as true heroes with the valuable Rolex watch in hand.

This is not the first time the police have come to someone's aid in the waters of Palm Jumeirah. Last year, Dubai police maritime rescue patrols saved a family after their yacht broke down in the middle of the sea due to a technical malfunction.

Colonel Dr. Hasan Suhail Al Suvaidi, the station director, said, "The station, which has nine marine points across Dubai, immediately responded to the call and handled the situation with exceptional finesse and professionalism." They certainly know their job well, and these stories are proof of that.

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