Only in Dubai - manicure with microchips

Dubai is truly a wonderland, unlike any other…

Here, everything is bursting with innovation and novelty, while at the same time enchanting the whole world with its achievements. Whether it’s sandwiches garnished with edible gold, resorts floating on water or a high-tech manicure with microchips, Dubai has it all, and much more on its offer.

However, this time we will focus on the previously mentioned manicure. The Lanour Beauty Lounge salon in Dubai delights its clients with Smart Nail manicure, teleporting us from 2020 to 3020. This salon is definitely preoccupied with the future, and this manicure is pure proof of that. What makes it special is the installation of a small microchip on the nail plate, which is then covered with a layer of glitter nail polish.

How does he work? According to people from the salon, the chip uses NFC technology, which made our smart devices even smarter a few years ago. For example, by simply touching your finger with the perfect hi-tech manicure, it can transfer your contact details to other people. The chip is completely safe because it is a passive device that cannot be tracked, and can only be read at a distance of 1-2 cm, so there is no fear of data theft.

Of course, the capacity of the chip is very small for now, but the CEO of the salon, Nour Nakarem hopes that with the advancement of technology, this idea will be so developed that people will be able to exchange information in this way or pay their bills. As we find out, the price of this high-tech manicure is $ 70, and it will last you up to three weeks, just like a regular manicure.

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