Porsche wants us to go camping in style

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If you own a Porsche car and nurture your adventurous spirit, the recently launched Porsche Tequipment roof tent could be the perfect accessory for you...

The tent is designed to fit the 911, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan models, and features two side windows and one on its roof as standard. In its fully extended position, the tent floor measures 210 x 130 cm, and it comes equipped with a high-density foam mattress.

As anyone who goes camping regularly will tell you, the weather won't always be perfect when you want to relax and connect with nature. Therefore, Porsche roof tent, which comes with waterproof closures and a separate rain cover at the entrance itself, is an ideal option. In addition, there is also special protection against mosquitoes, which often spoil every zen moment in nature with their buzzing and annoying bites.

Porsche says that this tent can be opened simply by unlocking the safety clips, lifting the housing and fixing it with the help of two gas shock absorbers. The tread area of ​​the tent floor can be bent and stabilized with a telescopic ladder, while the tent can be raised with four poles.

The tent case is available in Black/Light Gray or Black/Dark Gray finishes, both of which are accompanied by Porsche logo in matte black. A number of additional Porsche Tequipment accessories are also offered, such as an inner tent, a heating blanket and organizers for shoes and luggage.

Of course, this roof tent is not compatible with the cabrio variants, while at the same time it limits the maximum speed of each model to 130 kilometres per hour.

When it comes to the price, it will set you back $4,980 which isn't exactly affordable, but not surprising considering it's a Porsche signature product.

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