Quite an unusual letter opener

If you are prone to impulsive shopping and often buy things you don't need, then we have the right one for you...

As part of the L'Objet Haas Brother Collection, the lavish octopus, or the Haas Brothers Unicorn Octopus letter opener, takes the stage. We can say right away that this piece is made for wealthy people who receive many important letters and will use it every day.

The item itself looks like a pink octopus, and was created as part of collaboration between Simon and Nikolai Hass and L'Objet's creative director, Elad Jifir. As they say, this letter opener is inspired by the extraordinary landscape of Joshua tree, while it most closely associates useless expensive items made by other brands, such as Louis Vuitton weights, Louis Vuitton sleeping masks or Hermes yoga mats, which cost $ 20,000.

Priced at nearly $ 400, the Haas Brothers Unicorn Octopus letter opener is nowhere near that, but for its purpose and function, it's still really expensive. Do you agree?

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