Ritz-Carlton Launches a Gigantic New Cruiser in 2025

Ritz-Carlton has a new floating hotel on the horizon...

The American hotel titan is launching its third luxury cruiser named Luminara in the summer of 2025. The Ritz-Carlton fleet already includes the 189-meter Evrima and the 240-meter Ilma, which were launched in 2022 and 2023, respectively. At 242 meters, the newest member of the fleet is bigger and better than its predecessors.

"With Luminara, we are not just adding another superyacht to our fleet; we are expanding the horizons of ultra-luxury travel," said Jim Murren, Executive Chairman and CEO of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, in a statement.

Derived from the Latin word for 'light', Luminara features a bright and airy interior that can accommodate up to 452 guests. Like a lavish five-star hotel, the ship includes 226 spacious suites with private ocean-view terraces. Like Ilma, Luminara also has a collection of larger suites for seafarers requiring extra space. For example, the top-tier category, the Residential Suite, can comfortably accommodate a family and functions as a home away from home.

The new cruiser is the creation of design studios Chapi Chapo Design, AD Associates, and DPA, while its interiors are inspired by 'light and luminescence'. A neutral color palette is contrasted with accents of red, navy blue, and green, while rich oak contrasts with soft leather and Calacatta marble. Luminara offers plenty of space for relaxation or socializing, and guests can also expect world-class dining, an extensive wine collection, the Ritz-Carlton Spa, and a marina providing direct access to the sea.

It seems Luminara will also stand out on the open seas. Designed by the Aivan brand, the exterior of Luminara is described as 'elegant and graceful'. The design is inspired by sleek private superyachts, but is obviously much larger than the average 30-meter vessel.

Luminara's maiden voyage is scheduled for July 1, 2025. The ship will depart from Barcelona before stopping in St. Tropez, Monte Carlo, Sardinia, and many other destinations. "Luminara is an invitation to embark on extraordinary journeys and discover the world's most fascinating destinations with unparalleled amenities and services," adds Murren.

Reservations are now open for all three superyachts. For more information, you can contact Ritz-Carlton.

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