Rolex Stolen in Broad Daylight in the Heart of Paris

In broad daylight, near the Eiffel Tower, a thief stole a Rolex watch during the filming of an advertisement for a luxury watch renewal kit on social media...

What it takes to grab attention on social media these days is absolutely insane. You are probably aware of the stupid and sometimes very dangerous stunts influencers pull off in the name of more likes and subscribers. Unfortunately, businesses have started to join this trend, using sensationalism and humorous theatrics to promote their brand. A California-based company named Nano Clear, claiming to sell the world's most advanced luxury watch renewal kit, might be guilty of jumping on this bandwagon to attract more attention to its product. The company regularly uploads videos on Instagram showcasing the effectiveness of its watch renewal kit, mostly shot with an interesting background. However, one of the recent videos managed to capture a theft right in the middle of a product shoot.

Filmed in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the video shows someone using the kit to restore the shine of a Rolex. Suddenly, the camera shakes, and a hand appears from nowhere to steal the Rolex. The short reel ends with the person polishing the Rolex and the one shooting the video running behind the watch thief. The video was posted by Vertigo1983, an Instagram account themed around high-end watches, in collaboration with Nano Clear. While the caption claims the Rolex was stolen while filming the reel, there's no information on whether the timepiece was recovered from the thief or not.

Social media users immediately accused Nano Clear of staging the video. "Won't be winning an Oscar any time soon, but good attempt," commented one person on the post, while some threatened to unfollow the Instagram account. Many commenters even questioned if the company used a fake Rolex to shoot the reel. Setup or not, the video proved to be quite effective, as it has already received more than 6000 likes and over a million views. This is not the first time the American startup has tried something similar. A few months back, the company co-created a video that shows a reportedly $12,500 Rolex falling into the ocean from what appears to be a cruise ship while using the renewal kit. Much like the recent video, people were quick to call out the brand and its antics.

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