Rolls Royce picnic basket

Rolls Royce Phantom Zenith introduced the end of an era ... the last special edition of the current generation of this premium car produced in very, very limited edition, contains unique elements, such as a bar for champagne or a flawless version of the basket for a picnic with the signature of the company, which is now in the center of our attention...

Rolls Royce Bespoke Design team is responsible for the creation of this luxury picnic basket, which is made of American walnut and natural, high-quality leather. With three color combinations, which can be integrated with the interior of your Rolls, this beautiful basket comes in Ardent red leather with black accents, dark blue leather with Arctic white details, anthracite or black leather with a Seashell detail.

Luxury items like these are based on the quality of its detail and craftsmanship, and this basket fits perfectly with Rolls Royce reputation. This basket, which you can see in our gallery has a modular picnic table with leather and wood interior.

It contains crystal wine glasses, stainless steel cutlery, napkins with embroidered monogram Rolls Royce, as well as handmade chopping board of the American walnut. Also, Rolls Royce will throw in a lot of sophisticated details such as clay pots set, with black and platinum details.

The price of this basket is yet to be revealed, or, if you're among the 50 lucky customers Rolls Royce Zenith model, the picnic will be an ideal way to enjoy life, and, you’ll admit, that is worth every penny.

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