Romantic Proposal Ideas with a Luxury Flair

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Thinking about popping the question soon? If you or your partner is a hopeless romantic, then you’ll be looking to do it in a luxurious way to ensure they’re over the moon with it!

So, whether you’re only just starting to think about proposing or you’re doing it next week, we’re here to make sure it goes swimmingly and you can the all-important ‘yes’ that you want – even though we’re sure they’ll say that no matter how much luxury flair your proposal has.

Continue reading our comprehensive guide below to get all the romantic proposal ideas that have a little extra luxury flair and make sure this big day goes to plan.

Proposal ideas

What you decide on will come down to you and your partner's personal taste and budget. However, to get the ball rolling, we’ve got some of the best ideas for you to choose from:

  • Propose at your special place
  • Propose at one of the most romantic places around the world like Santorini or The Eiffel Tower and enjoy a wonderful getaway while you’re there
  • Book a Michelin-star restaurant and enjoy a glass of champagne with the engagement ring sitting at the bottom of their drink
  • Charter a boat and sail to a place with stunning views and calm seas and once the sun begins to set, ask them to the all-important question

Preparation for the proposal

Before you can even begin to prepare how you will propose, there are a few things that you’ll need to do. This includes:

  • Asking permission from your partner's parents (although this is more for traditionalists, so isn’t imperative)
  • Buy the diamond ring. You’ll need to decide on your budget before you do this, however, to make sure you can afford it. The average engagement ring costs around £2000 in the UK, so you can use this as a guide for you too.
  • Check the weather forecast if you’re proposing outside. No one wants wet hair in their engagement pictures, so make sure the conditions are suitable and consider making a raincheck if it looks like a downpour is coming when you plan on proposing.
  • Book any travel in secret to ensure you don’t ruin the surprise.
  • Make sure your partner has it booked off work.

Our tips are just a means to get your creative juices flowing and help you plan an epic proposal that you or your partner will never forget. Make sure it’s specific to your journey and not just a generic proposal and they’re sure to love it and you for all of your hard work, which will make all this planning worthwhile.

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