Gotham Air announced the official launch of their luxury helicopter ride between Manhattan and JFK airport and Manhattan and EWR airport...

The price for this six-minute fight can be characterized as affordable - only $ 100 for a one way ticket for those who are, for the first time, using this service. They can reserve their flight departure selecting from one of three heliports Manhattan. After the first promotional flight, the price will naturally rise, and will vary depending on time of day and destination.

And now a little bit of luxury that awaits you during this six minute journey. The interior of the helicopter awaits you eagerly with Hermes leather furniture, VIP lounge and concierge service, as well as enjoying the delicacies prepared by renowned chef Thomas Keller. Alcoholic beverages are available if the flight is in the afternoon, and of course only exclusive and carefully selected drinks are offered.

If the winds are too strong or the clouds are too low, Gotham will pick you up at your home or office and take you to the desired airport for a few moments. This sophisticated way of moving from the airport and back will start to be applied by the spring of this year.

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