Sneak a peak into the world's first underwater museum

Observing relics underwater must be an exciting experience, and that is exactly what the renowned sculptor and artist, Jason deCaires Taylor, made possible for us, in collaboration with the Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Nappa (MUSAN), located in Cyprus…

Considered the first underwater museum in the Mediterranean, MUSAN is an underwater forest filled with beautiful life that tells the story of its own home. It is located two hundred meters from the coast of Ayia Napa, and the officials hope that it will improve tourism in this region.

Visitors are invited to dive into the world of underwater treasures, exploring numerous statues and the “alternative underwater universe”, where the focus is on marine life. They can observe organic sculptures over eight meters high, admire trees, playful children and charming characters.

Bearing in mind the ecological sustainability, each sculpture is made of pH-neutral materials, so as not to have a negative impact on the environment. The relics are designed so that they can play the role of a new home for sea creatures and help them flourish when the time comes.

Commenting, Marine Argyrou, director of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, said: "I firmly believe that Jason's works of art, of which there are ninety-three, will be a real paradise for sea creatures, and will contribute to the development of biodiversity in this area."

He added: "The underwater museum will be a living visual and ecological experience, with works of art that interact with nature and evolve over time, and I am sure it will bring people closer to the marine environment, conservation and protection of our marine ecosystems."

Completed with 93 works of art, MUSAN wants to "combine two separate wonders - one created by man, and the other, designed by nature." Would you visit it?

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