The beginning of married life is a great chance for newlyweds to start with the creation of some truly unforgettable memories, and it is an ideal opportunity to start doing this for the honeymoon...

The newly spouses allow themselves to spend more than usual for holiday and travel, and this African adventure organized by Discover Africa may be too expensive adventure for most of people, but not for some of the richest couples.

At the price of a comfortable home, this trip takes newlyweds to some of the most beautiful parts of southern and eastern Africa, accommodating in the best and most exclusive hotels, and they generally spend their honeymoon as royalty. A couple can enjoy a helicopter ride over Cape Town, Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles, as well as in a penthouse in the city’s exclusive V&A Waterfront. In addition, they can go on safari, in the Masai village, as well as exploring the Serengeti.

Price for this incredible journey starts from $260,000, with additional services, such as Swarovski NC2 night vision telescope ($8,000, perfect for watching a beautiful African sky at night), or enjoy the exotic Kopi Luwak coffee (about $120 per kilogram).


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