The most expensive plane ticket

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From the first of May, wealthy people will be able to experience an unprecedented luxury, if they’re traveling from Mumbai to New York...

Yes, we are talking about Residence apartment, which is part of the Etihad Airbus A380 aircraft, which is actually three bedroom luxury apartment in which you will be staying for 21 hours. The ticket for this flight adventure, in one direction, costs a whopping 38,000 euros and is actually the most expensive plane ticket in the world.

Well, what do you get by purchasing this ticket? From the moment you’re journey begins, you will be able to enjoy the impeccable luxury. First, the driver will take you to the airport in a luxury car, where you can enjoy a private lodge and private check-in. There will also be a personal concierge who will take care of all your reservations, entertainment or whatever you ask of him.

As for the penthouses in the air, it has a living room with a huge TV set, a double leather sofa and two modular dining table. There is also a separate bedroom with Italian linen. Part of it is also a private bathroom with luxury amenities.

While staying in this apartment you have your own personal butler and chef, who will prepare and provide whatever you want. This apartment is available only in the Etihad Airbus A380 aircraft and represents the ultimate expression of luxury, comfort and excellent service.

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