The most luxurious trailer designed with dogs in mind

Families with pets, who enjoy traveling and adventures off the asphalt roads, can now take their furry pet with them…

If you’ve ever postponed your trip or nomadic life because you didn’t want to leave your beloved dog behind, a California luxury trailer design specialist, Bowlus, has just upgraded their zeppelin trailer with details designed just for them. The new Bowlus Terra Firma trailer is evidently designed with dog comfort in mind. The creators of the trailer have taken into account all the needs of our furry friends, so they have equipped it with remote temperature control and monitoring system, which will allow you to go shopping while your pet safely enjoys his home on wheels.

Bowlus trailers are known for their unrivaled luxury, which is evident in the model created for pets, so it offers them a special bed, bowls for food and water, with heated floors. Terra Firma protects its passengers, both humans and dogs, from bacteria and viruses by HEPA air filtration and UVC disinfection lights.

When it comes to performance, this trailer offers up to two weeks of staying in an unknown nature, with an 8 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery, which takes between three and four hours to charge. Customers can style the interior of their trailer according to their wishes, with as many as 56 million combinations available.

Also, we have to emphasize that the trailer is really comfortable, with a sleeping compartment that contains twin beds that can be turned into one big one. Its price starts from 265,000 dollars.

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