The Proposal: 10 Things You Should Know Before Popping The Question

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Proposing to your partner can be an exciting, if nerve-wracking, time.

It is important to prepare properly for a proposal and ensure that your partner will be receptive before you pop the question. While you might think it is more romantic if they don’t see the proposal coming, it is crucial that you’re both on the same page so that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises when you ask them to marry you.

In addition to practical considerations, you’ll also need to prepare for the setting, location and the moment of your proposal. This should be done with your partner and what they will enjoy most in mind. It’s also a good idea to have a ring ready to go, though this is not essential if you think your partner would like to be involved in the selection process. 

Have The Marriage Talk First

As mentioned above, it is vital that you and your partner discuss marriage before you consider proposing. Not everyone envisions getting married, and the institution isn’t for everyone. Your partner may be fully committed to a life with you without wanting to get married, so it is vital that you both understand the long-term plans that you want out of your relationship. 

Avoid Asking At Another Event

Typically, it is good etiquette to avoid asking your partner to marry you at another event, like a wedding or birthday party. This is because it will take some of the attention away from the hosts of the event on a day that should be about them. If you still think this is the ideal time to propose, ensure that you keep it quiet and inform people of your engagement once the event is over. 

Keep It Intimate And Private

The internet is awash with videos of lavish public proposals, with both positive and negative responses. Unless you’re absolutely certain of getting a yes, and sure that a public proposal is what your partner would want, you should make it a small and private event. Ideally, this should be just the two of you in a romantic and intimate setting. This will put less pressure on your partner to give an immediate yes and allow you to share a special moment away from prying eyes. 

Get A Ring

It is a good idea to get a ring before proposing unless you’re sure that your partner has specific ideas of what they want it to look like. The ring is a big part of the proposal process, particularly if you’re aiming for a very traditional style proposal. If you want to allow your partner to choose their own ring, you could always get a stand-in with either costume jewelry or something playful like a candy ring. 

Plan The Proposal Moment

The moment of the proposal is the most important thing to get right. You’ll need to know what you’re going to say and ensure that the moment is perfect. There are plenty of ways to propose, and many will depend on your budget for the proposal. Greenvelope has written up an excellent article of these ideas to help you choose the right type of proposal moment for your partner, no matter what your budget. 

Hire A Photographer

A proposal is often a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and you’ll want to get some pictures of the big moment. This can be easily done using your smartphone after the proposal, but if you want to get some candid shots of the proposal itself, it could help to hire a photographer. Look for someone who has done proposal shoots before and will be able to blend into the background, so they don’t tip off your partner. 

Practice Makes Perfect

It is best to practice your proposal at least once or twice before the big day. This will help you with last-minute nerves or stage fright before you talk to your partner. You should think about what you want to say to them and why you want to get married in the first place. The proposal can be as lengthy or to the point as you like, but what is essential is that you should your partner how much you love and respect them. 

Let Your Friends And Family Know

You’ll need to know how you’re going to inform friends and family after the proposal and be ready for all the questions they’re likely to have. It may help to have a short while together before you let everyone know so that you can decide what to tell loved ones together. 

Once you’re ready for the world to know about your engagement, you can start by calling or visiting those closest to you to let them know in person. For wider friends and family, you could consider sharing the news on social media to get the word out quickly and easily. 

Do Something Special Afterwards

After the proposal, you’ll both likely be ready to celebrate, so having something planned for afterwards is a good idea. A sit-down meal is a great choice, as it gives you and your partner time to talk and plan for the wedding and the future. You could also consider whisking them away for a romantic getaway for the weekend or even something fun and playful, like visiting a fun fair or theme park together. 

Talk About Your Future Regularly

Once you and your partner become engaged, it is crucial that you talk regularly about the future and your wedding plans. This can help you stay on the same page and ensure that your wedding is planned to both of your satisfaction. You don’t have to start on the wedding planning immediately, though you can if you’re both eager to get down the aisle. You should also take the opportunity to discuss other life milestones like having children or buying a home. 


Proposing to your partner can be a magical time, and it is important to plan the proposal properly. You should always keep in mind what your partner would want from a proposal and choose something as special as they are. Always be cautious not to pressure them for an immediate answer, particularly if you haven’t discussed the marriage together yet.

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