This holiday seasons treat yourself with a piece of Eden

If you are a billionaire with a large amount of money in your bank account, owning a private island is probably on your wish list…

This time, we present you the opportunity to buy one of the most beautiful private islands in the world, located in the Bahamas. Known as Little Pipe Cay, this private island was put up for sale at a price of $ 85 million three years ago, and has now returned to the market and is actually $ 15 million more expensive. The island covers 40 hectares and is one of the 365 islands of Exumas, a large archipelago in the Bahamas.

The luxury paradise was developed by Michael Dingman, the deceased industrialist and founder of Shipston Group, an investment company based in the Bahamas. Commenting on it, John Gomes of Douglas Elliman said: "The Bahamas has its five minutes of glory."

He added that the owners spent more than ten years developing this island. "Effectively, it is the fifteen-year-old fruit of love. It was a passionate family project. " In all, the island has twenty-two structures, including residential and service spaces.

The main residence measures about 530 square meters, with three bedrooms and a covered veranda. The island also has a separate entertainment house, named Refectory, complete with a dining area, a pub, a gym and a spa area.

In addition, the space contains four guest lodges, each coming with two bedrooms, while there is a separate staff house. When it comes to infrastructure, there is a water filtration plant, a fresh water storage and a power station.

Fredrik Eklund of Douglas Elliman said: “The price reflects the incredible increase we are seeing in the value of luxury homes, especially in locations near the Bahamas, such as Miami and Palm Beach. I've never seen a more powerful real estate market, and the Bahamas, known as a tax haven for cryptocurrencies, justify that price even more."

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