Summer has arrived. For all young people, and for those who feel that way, the ideal destinations this summer will be numerous clubs across Europe ...

All people who love clubbing and enjoy night life know that the heat of summer nights is the best to spend in a good company. So if you want to mix holidays with the best summer party destinations, the only thing that’s left is to gather your crew and go directly to  some of European best nightclubs that we’ll present you.



Certainly one of the most visited destinations for nightlife and partying is Ibiza. Pacha is a brand that is widespread worldwide, but their location of club in is the most popular. The concept of the club is designed so each of the five rooms within the club offers a special atmosphere and experience. House music is the main genre of this club, but every night brings a chance that, during the various parties and events, you can enjoy music of the biggest names in world music. Well-known names from the music scene, such as DJ Tiesto and Swedish House Mafia are often responsible for a good atmosphere at this club. Beside these, there are various guests such as Arty and Snowtek.



Another club in the capital of the Spanish nightlife is the club Amnesia in Ibiza. In the hot atmosphere of the club cannons that throw out a refreshing mist will periodically cool you down a bit, while this actually reinforce the impression and heat the atmosphere to boiling point. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the top events in the club will mark all summer. The unforgettable atmosphere will be made by Afrojack, Skrillex, Knife Party, Major Lazer and others.



We are still in Ibiza, at Space - the ultimate party resort which is opened only during the summer season. This club attracts party lovers from all around the world, while on the outside stage, bathed in sun rays, they enjoy the sounds of the best music. Space is a club that has been awarded with 21 awards - the most awards than any other club on the planet. This, as well as Carl Cox, who is the party host in the past 12 years, mostly mean that you must not miss this club.



4 of the top 10 destinations - Spain is definitely a paradise destination for all party "maniacs." BCM Planet Dance Club is known for its "washing machine" party, where you will, the least, come out soaked after waterfalls and mountains made of foam. With sound Function One sound system, volume of 65,000 W, and with a tremendous amount of lasers, confetti and numerous go-go dancers, you can enjoy the music of Avicii, Calvin Harris and many others. One thing is certain - the party club will remain carved in your memory.



From the hot Spain we are moving to London. Ministry of Sound has been opened so that the spirit of the USA house music scene can be transferred to London, with the big support of world music record companies.

If you are a fan of Calvin Harris’s music and Armin van Buuren, who also have provided, in addition to performing in the club, a big public support to this club with by organizing a big meeting, , and this meeting was also attended by numerous politicians and other public figures - they fought to preserve this institution of electronic music.



London is more and more overwhelmed with fans of quality nightlife, so in the club Fabric on Fridays you can regularly enjoy the FabricLive event, when perform the most famous names of the British music scene, like Rusko and Caspa. Also, the club has three different rooms with vibrating floor, which is a special attraction, because it produces shaking and vibrations, from very mild to those similar to earthquake.



Maybe this club is not winning newspaper headlines as other world famous clubs, but it’s certain that this Berlin club is a “shelter house” of techno music. Under LED lights, mixed with sunlight that break through the club and shine on the nearby river, you’ll feel a strong affiliation and you will be ready to "show some love" to a playing DJ, in this center of quality music.



The main attraction among the clubs of Berlin is Berghain - the club for which can be said that, until you don’t get into it, is covered with a veil of mystery. The policy of the club is very strict, bringing cameras is forbidden, and the interior of the concrete power plant is considered as one of the most controversial clubs. Saturday's parties start at midnight and last for around 24 hours, and the club is considered as a place where you can experience the higher level techno party.



On the Greek island of Mykonos is located Cavo Paradiso, a great club where the external classic Greece architecture, with white walls, and one of the main attractions is a pool in the center of the club. Steve Aoki and Swedish House Mafia are just few of the world-known guest artists. The club is considered to be a "sanctuary" of extravaganza, and visitors will not remain indifferent when they see a fantastic sea view from Mykonos, which which is believed to be one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.



Sunny club in the Adriatic Sea = Papaya club on the island of Pag in Croatia. Beautiful beaches in Croatia are probably not the first association when we think about some party destination, but this club is something that will definitely change mind of all who visit it. Apart from the usual beach parties, this club keeps only about a dozen events per year, but they are extremely high-leveled. If you want to connect, in one place, the perfect beach parties, beautiful girls in our region and the whole of the Balkans, but also to listen to the top artists such are Snoop Dogg, Hardwell, the Justice and many others, go to Croatia and see it by yourself.

Whether you are willing to travel to some far destination searching for the perfect fun in nightclubs, or you’d like to spend your holiday in some of the European capitals, these clubs will give you a chance to enjoy music of some world's most famous artists, and be sure that you will have countless memories that will remain carved among your favorite life memories, whatever club you choose.


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