Top notch writing instruments

Cross Company is known name in the world of luxury lovers...

Now we present a new collection of luxury gifts, in the form of top quality writing instruments, inspired by the well-known characteristics - London Elizabeth Towers, New York's Chrysler Building and Tokyo Skytree design.

Inspired by three globally known cities, that really left their mark in the modern world, Cross company presented its new collection, which contains individual designs inspired by the unique architectural beauty, which are decorated with accents of Swarovski crystals.

London pencil is decorated with architectural details that reflect aspects of the Elizabeth Tower, which is better known as Big Ben. This tower has been a symbol of the United Kingdom. This version is available as a ball point pen or a pen, made of 23-karat gold with Swarovski crystals.

New York pen is decorated with the architectural details of the famous Art Deco skyscraper, or the Chrysler building. It is also available in the form of ball point pens and pen, with details of platinum and Swarovski crystals.

Tokyo design is decorated with architectural details from the Japanese most notable structure and the center of broadcasting and communications. This pen has a satin black finish details, with elements of Swarovski crystals.

“In CROSS brand, we’re always talking about human greatness and achievements, it is simply part of our DNA, looking at the history and future. Big cities have always been incubators of top minds, who have achieved remarkable results in many areas. For this reason, as a tribute to the concept of the urban center as a bastion of genius, we are presenting Peerless Special Edition collection, "said Magnus Jonson, global CMO CROSS Company.

Price of pencils and pens in this collection ranges from 320 euros. All objects in the collection can be purchased in their boutiques and from selected resellers.

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