We thought it couldn't get more luxurious: Dubai is building its version of the moon

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Dubai is building a $5 billion moon-shaped sphere on its massive Palm Jebel Ali islands. Twice the size of Big Ben, it will have ultra-luxury residences, a 6-star hotel, a private club and much more…

The crescent-shaped peak that adorns the Palm Jebel Ali will forever be a major landmark of Dubai, while the $5 billion Moon in the form of a decadent resort slowly finds its place on top. Michael R. Henderson, co-founder of the Canadian architecture firm and licensee of Moon World Resorts' intellectual property, confirmed the above. The new Moon Resort will be 330 meters high, while its construction is expected to be completed in the next 48 months, "surpassing the world's largest sphere with a diameter of 229 meters". Inside Moon Dubai will also be 500 luxury residential units, an exclusive and truly spectacular private members' club, a six-star boutique hotel and a 4,000-suite, five-star hotel, according to Henderson.

He added: "In addition, fifty magnificent built-in components await guests, including the main attraction of the resort - walking on the lunar surface, while exploring the lunar colony. Moon Dubai expects around 10 million visitors annually”. The $5 billion destination will also feature a spa, nightclub, event centre, moon shuttle and coaching services. Moon Dubai also plans to incorporate 300 boutique units called Sky Villas, where owners will also have exclusive private membership to the Moon Club.

The location of Palm Jebel Ali is ideal, since it is three times larger than Palm Jumeirah, which is already "overrun" with hotels and residences. Henderson shared, “Moon Dubai will be the largest and most successful tourism project within the MENA region, doubling tourist visits to Dubai based on global appeal, awareness and unique integrated offerings. We can comfortably receive up to 10 million visitors a year".

Moon Dubai will significantly impact every aspect of the emirate's economy, including tourism, transportation, commercial and residential real estate, infrastructure, financial services, aviation and space, energy, agriculture, technology and of course education.

Why should Sin City be neglected when talking about attractions that are loud, beautiful and luxurious? This glitzy city is known for its gambling scene and is the perfect canvas for Henderson and Sandra Matthews' vision. The magnificent Moon Resort Las Vegas will span 515,000 square meters in a LEED-certified environment. Here we will be able to see numerous lodges, magnificent convention space, nightclubs and luxury suites.

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