Wedding in the sky - new pandemic trend

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If you haven't learned to see a glass half full this year, we believe that 2021 will be a bit hard for you as well…

People around the world blame Covid-19 for many things besides the pandemic itself. Plans for travel, weddings and numerous important moments had to be canceled, because the pandemic decided to put our lives on hold. Yet, had it not been for the pandemic, how would young couples get a chance to get married in seventh heaven?

One private airline is offering a "Weddings in the sky" package for $ 28,000, trying to make up for the loss of its trip, giving future brides and grooms the opportunity to say yes among the clouds. This service will take the newlyweds on a flight that lasts two hours or six hours in another variant. Standard benefits in both packages include a ride with a private driver to the airport, flower arrangements, a selection of champagne and canapés, personalized wedding details and the like. Also, the service as part of the offer includes food and drinks, which can be prepared according to the wishes of the married couple.

If you are not in the mood for fun in the clouds, there is a slightly more intimate option on offer - Just the Two of Us, which starts at $ 18,000. Also, in cooperation with the company, you can create your own custom package, which will give you the opportunity to choose a photographer, car and calligrapher who will design wedding programs, menus, reservations and the like.

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