Would you buy a toothpaste made of gold?

If you take your dental hygiene and dental routine seriously, then you will definitely like the new toothpaste and toothbrush set signed by Swiss Smile…

Unlike regular dental offerings, the Swiss Smile ingenious product gives a glamorous turn to this daily activity. Their new toothpaste comes enriched with real gold, while the brush has gold plating in the same tones.

Offering optimized oral care, D'Or Gold Toothpaste comes with 23.75 carats of pure gold in the form of gold dust. It also contains saline-containing physiological protein, which protects teeth from demineralization. An ultra-gentle toothbrush accompanies this paste, and it contains nine times more individual bristles than regular brushes, making it much finer and thicker.

Gold is said to have regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, and is great for combating tar and gum inflammation. Therefore, the Swiss Smile D'Or Tooth Gel & Toothbrush set is not gold just for the sake of it. This set will definitely embellish your bathroom with its chic design and visual appeal, and its price is $ 119.00. You can buy it online through the Neiman Markus website or at select resellers. We believe we are right in saying that oral care cannot be much more glamorous than this.

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