From Programming to MMA to Crafting Katanas – Mark Zuckerberg Unveils New Talents

Mark Zuckerberg has crafted an incredibly sharp katana under the guidance of a sword master from Japan...

The centibillionaire confidently tested his new creation, slicing through tough bamboo as easily as through soft butter.

After founding the social media giant Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg amassed billions, became a father, ventured into the world of MMA, and most recently, took up the art of crafting katanas. The Meta CEO, with a net worth of $174 billion, is currently celebrating his wife Priscilla Chan's birthday in Japan. Their trip to the Far East has fulfilled the dreams of this tech tycoon as well.

An enthusiastic Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiast and father of two, Zuckerberg shared a glimpse of his unconventional activity on Instagram. The man who wore bracelets and glitter alongside his daughter at a Taylor Swift concert, joined sword master Akihira Kokaji to pursue his personal interests and forge a katana.

He posted: "A very special afternoon learning about crafting katanas with Master Akihira Kokaji - thank you for sharing your craft with us!" Zuckerberg's fascination with swordplay dates back a long way. A 2022 report by Yahoo News reveals that a former Facebook employee, Kagan, disclosed that Meta CEO Zuckerberg wielded a katana at the office after becoming frustrated with his employees' code, and this wasn't the first time. As far back as 2005, the then-21-year-old Zuckerberg would often stroll around with a sword to challenge underperforming employees. Kagan wrote in his book "How I Lost 170 Million Dollars: My Time as #30 at Facebook," "He had some great motivational lines. Affectionately, he would say, 'If you don't get that done sooner, I'll punch you in the face,' or 'I'll slice you up with this huge sword,' while holding a massive sword in hand. To this day, I don't know why he had that sword."

One seldom comprehends why geniuses do the things they do, but what people at Meta understand is that the billionaire's long-standing interest in combat sports poses an investment risk in addition to being personally hazardous. According to CNBC, Meta's latest annual filing states, "Mr. Zuckerberg and certain other members of management participate in various high-risk activities, such as combat sports, extreme sports, and recreational aviation, which carry the risk of serious injury and death," the company stated in the SEC filing.

In addition to MMA, the Meta founder has a penchant for extreme sports such as hydrofoiling, a passion that has garnered more criticism than accolades. On another occasion, an online spat with Tesla CEO Elon Musk led the world's two richest people to take their rivalry into the cage for an MMA match. To the relief of investors, the fight ultimately never materialized. In the video posted by Zuckerberg, who enjoys a following of 13.1 million on Instagram, he is diligently working with the sword master in his workshop, following instructions and sweating it out with a hammer in hand to shape the katana. He even showcases his creation in another clip, with his group cheering him on.

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