20.000 dollars for headphones – is it too much?

Los Angeles based artist and designer, Ian Deluca, has created the most luxurious Apple AirPods headphones ever…

This project of his “leads us in to a new relationship with the material world”, and his goal is exploring the concept of mixing art and sales. Each sculpture in his New Materialism series, will present a redesign of a commercial product in a new form, with the use of capitalist designer process.

With a limited number of only twenty five pieces, each Object No.1 Air Pods set of sculptures will be functional and accentuated with a marble charging dock. The AirPods have been created from white gold and decorated with diamonds. Aside from that, each set contains a serial number which presents combination of edition number and date of creation.

By the way, these sculptures can be bought only via a direct Instagram message.

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