5 million euros speakers

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Minimalism is not something that comes to mind when we think of golden speakers set, which are decorated with diamonds ...

However, only the word can be used as a description of the Tone River's speaker, which was created by the Japanese company Anodic Supply, in cooperation with Misia Sakamoto. Gold version of these speakers for making benefits more than 50 kilograms of pure gold.

This kit with two speakers and an amplifier is small when it comes to size, but it is very powerful and gives us the possibility to enjoy the extremely high sound quality, thanks to the very liberal use of gold. As stated in their official description: "Bodies made of pure gold, reaching the lowest longitudinal density, which results in amazing clarity and transparently clear audio signal." This kit is designed to be incredibly elegant and no seams, gaps or screws can be seen. Each piece is hand made in Japan.

The speakers are available in versions with alloys of gold and silver, or entirely made of gold and silver. They have a custom grille, decorated with diamonds or rhinestones. Gold version, containing 40 maps flawless diamonds and costs around € 5 million.

When something like this is very precious and exclusive, is made exclusively to order, and is not commercially available.


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