Leading luxury mobile phone company, Vertu, have released a sweet treat (without the calories) - the Vertu Signature Pure Chocolate phone.

We're no strangers to the up-to-date technology Vertu phones have; nor the luxury. But the Pure Chocolate, in a delicious-looking shade of chocolate brown, features a brown leather cover and ceramic pilow, with sapphire crystal keys, in a PVD stainless steel case. 

The phone has a high resolution display, as well as key switches which feature jeweled bearings, a high fidelity loudspeaker with dual sound ports, and if you want something your ringtone to be something other than a monotonous 'ring-ring' or 'beep-beep', the phone's ringtones and alerts were composed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Music to our ears, and a chocolatey treat to our eyes - thankfully not our waistlines!

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