Apple launches its flexible phone

The tech giant has applied for a patent for a phone display that would bend but not fold…

If you were hoping that flexible smartphones are an instant hit and will quickly disappear from the scene, do not turn to the Apple brand for help. According to them, their new patent application makes us aware that they too will join this trend.

Last Tuesday, the US Patent and Trademark Office released a patent that suggested that iPhone model makers would work on their own flexible phone. Called "Electronic Devices with Flexible Displays and Hinges," this patent describes and shows how their screen will bend and open.

However, if this phone becomes a part of our reality, the difference between it and others like it is the fact that it will not refract. As the patent suggests, the phone will have a flexible display with a flexible case, protecting the glass or plastic screen even when folded in half. This is where the hinge mechanism comes into play: namely, it will allow the middle part of the display to bend when the phone is folded, reducing the pressure on the central part of the phone while reducing the formation of fractures.

As with many patents, we are not sure if this phone is actually in development and when it will hit the market at all. So far, no one from the Apple brand has confirmed or denied these rumors, so we have to wait and see how the situation develops.

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