Apple: "We're making a glass iPhone"

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According to the insiders in Apple, the new iPhone Plus 8 will be made entirely of glass...

Speaking at the annual meeting of investors, Allen Horng, chairman of the company Catcher Technology, which manufactures the phone said that Apple will mark 2017 with a phone, which will be made entirely of glass.

"As far as I know, only one model will have a glass casing next year," said Horng to reporters a few days ago, suggesting the Apple plans to offer several versions of the highly anticipated iPhone 8 models.

Horng added that this move will be quite a costly endeavor that requires some advanced processing and innovative technology to even make it in the right way, but he stressed the fact that the glass has to be reinforced by a metal frame.

Also, Apple insider John Gruber said that the new iPhone will have a glass casing, with display from edge to edge. He even heard that the Home button will be integrated into the display itself. What do you think of this idea?

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