Bang & Olufsen launches its first NFT collection

After a number of brands entered the Metaverse, it was about time Bang & Olufsen followed suit.

The company has done just that with its first NFT called "The DNA Collection". Bang & Olufsen collaborated with Web3 artists with the aim of combining art and music to present the first collection of its kind, which is made up of three legendary products of the brand – the Beogram 4000 turntable, the Beoplay A9 and the Beolab 90 speaker.

In addition to this, the collection also includes a brand-new digital product design, The Beoverse Alpha, which is nothing more than a conceptual boombox designed for use in the Metaverse.

Commenting on the launch of the new collection, Christopher Poulsen, Head of Business Development and Brand Partnerships at Bang & Olufsen, said: “We are excited to meet design and music lovers in the Metaverse and to support the incredible creator culture that has emerged online. We're new to Web3, but time and time again we've built products in the physical world that no one else could imagine, many of which have become classics and collectibles. Now we're building our first NFT collection on the same foundation that made us unique."

The DNA NFT Collection consists of 1,925 NFTs, each collectible made from a unique combination of materials, art and music. Those who purchase them will also receive a 3D model to be used in the Metaverse. Additionally, owners will also have access to future shipments and the opportunity to purchase a limited edition Beoplay A9 physical speaker.

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