CARDINAL - speakers which will conquer the world

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Since its founding in 1989, the British manufacturer of hi-tech audio systems, Wilson Benesch, impresses all lovers of perfect sound...

This brand is the maker of the finest sound systems and turntables, which are part of everyday life and the wish lists of many audiophiles worldwide. This is not a company that is widely known, at least they were not so far. They plan to conquer the world with their new release, or Wilson Benesch Cardinal speakers.

As works of art, these speakers have a unique look – their boxes are made of carbon fiber instead of aluminum, which is used by the largest number of manufacturers. Their boxes, combined with great attention paid to those smallest details, create a unique listening experience and acquaintance of the new sound, which you have not heard so far.

Their sound is nothing more than perfection, with a level of clarity and nuance that only a few sound systems in the world can reach. They stand 1.8m high and weigh about 116 kg. They may be bigger than you, but they still look elegant and unsurpassed.

This combination of beauty and high performance is not something that cannot be purchased inexpensively. Cardinal speakers who threaten to conquer the world cost 115,000 Euros.

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