DUETTO - precious earbuds with professional services

Christmas is coming, we might as well buy the perfect gift for everyone . DUETTO is a novel idea to impress our lovers with a hi-tech and beauty gift.

Originally designed for professional audio applications such as listening monitors for musicians and sound engineers, the Duetto earbuds are now available in the world of high-end personal gadgets thanks to their incredible compactness, premium materials and a range of accessories included in the elegant packaging, such as a signal splitter for listening in pairs, an airline headphone and a genuine Tuscan leather pouch.

Three types of ear tips in silicon and memory foam provide comfort and circumvent slippage from the ear canal, ensuring perfect isolation from all environmental noise. With a gold-plated aluminum body and a kevlar cable resistant to splintering and fraying and tangles, the ultra-mini 6mm transducers are able to reproduce the entire range of frequencies audible to the human ear, from 5 to 23,000 Hz, ensuring the highest quality listening for any type of music.(Price 290€)

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