Finally: the official launch of Samsung Fold phone

If everything goes according to plan, the public will finally get its chance to acquire the famous Samsung Galaxy Fold model in September…

Soiled with delays in launching after it has been announced in February this year, the new model, according to the brand, got various updates and all necessary improvements, which make it ready for market.

Samsung brand had the original intention to present its Fold model in April, but they have postponed the official launch date, after a few test units, which were sent to journalists to be reviewed got really miserable ratings. The problems mostly occurred in the element which is his top selling point: its flexible original screen. Many phones had their display fail almost immediately, while some got dust and impurities underneath the screen through the bendy hinges. Others, however, encountered that problem when they removed the protective film, they had thought to be just factory film, not an integral display part. After that fiasco, the company postponed the launch of this model and cancelled all the orders.

However, a few days ago, they have announced that after “necessary improvements”, especially done on its flexible, but still fragile screen, they’ll finally launch their new model. These changes include the extension of the protective layer, in order to make sure that everyone knows it a part of the screen and not to be removed, as well as better protection from the penetration of unwanted dust particles through the hinges.

“Samsung gave itself time to completely evaluate the product design, make necessary changes and preform rigorous tests”, says the company statement.

Still, the question is as follows: are people really willing to spend almost two thousand dollars on a device, which a few months back, couldn’t withstand just a few days of use? It remains to be seen.

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