For sheikhs and oligarchs

The technology is to this day is so advanced that we often wonder what is the next thing which will be "necessary" in our phones and computers...

From better screens, and advanced software, small size, and everything else, today's electronic devices have definitely touched the border of possible development, at least for now. For this reason, many companies operating in the market of luxury offer us glamorous and valuable versions of these products. If you like to own the technology that has been given a touch of luxury, then each design by Goldgenie will be ideal for you.

Their latest project is a really exciting adjustment carried out, and has already attracted the attention of many. They are already widely known for creating the deluxe version of the gold-plated iPhone and iPad models, and now their focus is on the Midas touch iMac and MacBook. Their service of gilding is now available for all versions of Macs, and is performed by the best goldsmiths, in their London headquarters.

This brand uses high quality 24-carat gold, but they are so convinced of the durability and a premium appearance of each product. Moreover, they have to prove their case, because each of their custom devices has a lifetime warranty. The prices of these products are going from 11.000 Euros and more. Their list of esteemed clients include Victoria Beckham, Chris Brown, Puff Daddy, Tyreese Gibson, Helen Mirren, Kate Moss and Simon Cowell among others.

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