GRESSO - the thinnest Andorid in the world

Last year, the manufacturer of luxury mobile phones from Russia, Gresso, unveiled a smartphone that bears the name of the Radical...

It is represented with the body of titanium and good technical specifications, but of course, in terms of aesthetics, it had room for improvement. Now, Gresso represents a new phone Regal R1, which not only has much better features than its predecessor - it has significantly improved and enhanced aesthetics.

Once again, this smart device made of titanium - eight hours of work is needed to design one case. A process called directional polishing was used when creating the rear panel. This process takes three hours in order to achieve the ideal texture of the metal, which makes this panel light and at the same time very resistant. Gresso logo needs to be produced for two hours before going through hand polishing.

In addition to its exclusive and luxurious appearance, Regal R1 model has a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, the main camera of 13 megapixel and a 5 megapixel front camera, 32 GB of memory, and Android 4.2. This device has a thickness of only 8.8 mm, and in fact is the thinnest smartphone in the luxury market. Also, it has a durable and resistant five inches Gorilla Glass screen 1080p.

This phone was launched as a limited edition of only 999 pieces, and its price is $ 3,000.

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