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Leica, Nikon, Canon, Samsung, all of these brands create state of the art cameras, fit for all sorts of photographic purposes...

They lack one thing though – originality. They are all working on the same principles, or at least similar ones, in similar manners. What we're about to bring to you is a device that cracks the way cameras work, under the signature of Kwanghun Hyun.

The Korean craftsman has recently managed to manufacture the Heartbeat cameras, with Unitas 6497 watch movements regulating the shutter speeds of the cameras. Enthusiastic about the art of crafting metal, Hyun specializes in the production of pinhole cameras – they are a particular type of cameras with tiny aperture and no lens. The aperture is practically a hole which allows light to get inside the camera and projects it onto the opposite side of the box, inverted. It’s all about precision when using a pinhole camera, due to the amount of light able to protrude through the hole at the front.

The Heartbeat is a true innovation – a genuine camera and timepiece hybrid, which uses a watch movement to regulate the camera shutter speed, directly controlling the period of time the shutter is open and providing the user with the possibility to set the time the shutter stands open for. Mind you, professional photographers know that long exposures ensure better photos. Even the design is somewhat reflecting the intricacy and style of the components, with the steel finishing and exposed crown.

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