iPhone 8 - most expensive model ever?

The whole world is eagerly awaiting the iPhone 8, and we gradually collect information on this new model...

It is believed that this will be the most expensive iPhone model ever, which will cost over a thousand dollars. With elements such as OLED display that goes from edge to edge and 3D sensors, we must admit that there are definitely factors due to which it fell into the category of devices with very high prices.

This price is not a big leap, because the iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB now sells for $ 969, but with OLED display, it will definitely be more expensive to produce. iPhone 8 with a display of 5.8 inches will likely be made of stainless steel with a caseback made of glass.

The design will be monolithic and elegant with very little visual interruptions. In fact, Apple is trying to get rid of all the keys - Home button will be located below the surface of the display, while the buttons on the side to be replaced touch sensors.

Also, according to some rumors, this phone will have a sensory and 3D technology, a larger battery and an Intel chipset. It will probably be produced in the fall, and next to the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s will be a model with a screen of 5.5 inches.

Specifications that we have presented are by no means final, because we will definitely know what awaits us in this phone, when Apple company officially confirm everything that we can hear.

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