Is iPhone loosing the battle to this new phone?

The market of luxury phones had only one real representative – Vertu. But, the situation has changed…

Porsche Design and TAG Heuer brands tried themselves out in this field, but failed to achieve and accomplish what they wanted. An Israeli start-up company, Sirin Labs, wants to change and stir up the market of luxury mobile phones, launching Solarin, premium Android smartphone, which is internally dubbed the Rolls Royce of mobile phones.

It is intended for that percentage of the population with deep pockets, priced at $ 14,000 and top specification – there’s the 24-megapixel camera with autofocus and laser, 2K IPS display of five inches, fingerprint sensor, fast octa-core Qualcomm processor, 4 GB of RAM memory, 128 GB of space, with a 4000 mAh battery, waterproof features and so on. All this is located inside the casing of your choice - Fibre Black Carbon Titanium, Fibre Black Carbon DLC, Fibre Black Carbon Yellow Gold and Crystal White Carbon DLC are on offer.

The company, however, does not focus on exotic materials and hardware part of the phone - in fact, in these models, you won’t see sparkling diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones. In an era when people can get to your data using simple procedures with a little ingenuity, this company promises us the most advanced security and encryption technology, which is available outside the world of secret services. In addition to protecting against attacks with hosting, they offer encryption of electronic messages, as well as superior encryption of VoIP calls.

Unfortunately, this phone does not have a concierge service, which singled out Vertu brand from the mass of others. Perhaps this benefit will be added later, but for now, for $ 14,000, the company offers only high quality specifications and encryption at a very high level.

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